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Is My Child Gifted?

As a new parent some 30 years ago, Kiyo Morse didn't recognize her first child's extraordinary development as signs of giftedness. At 10-days-old, Morse's daughter was so unusually alert that a family friend said the way she was looking at him was "too weird." ...

Who We Are

Welcome to Steppingstone School. We invite you to explore the Steppingstone approach to teaching and developing gifted children from early Kindergarten through Grade 8 ...

Why We Are Different

In our educational philosophy and teaching methods, we recognize that gifted children are wonderfully made, are diverse and complex, and are on a unique developmental cycle. Therefore, we nurture and educate them in a way that unlocks their special qualities ...

Adjunct Programs

ESR, Electron Spin Resonance
Training & Research Facility

A Story From The SMART Ctr

The SMART Center summer program was an inspiring introduction to the world of molecular research, and certainly helped encourage me to follow that career path! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a powerful machine like the magnetic resonance spectrometer on a project of my own design, when I was still in high school. As I have worked in many research labs over the years, I have realized how rare it is for students to get such freedom to explore when they are young. In most research experiences that offer the same level of high caliber technology as the SMART Center, students are put to work on projects someone else has designed. But Dr. Morse encouraged us to design our own project aims, hypotheses, and experiments. Being responsible for a full project drove home lessons about the scientific method that I have used since then, and getting to create and test my own hypotheses sparked a passion for research and scientific discovery that I have followed eagerly.

Hannah Cheriyan

Another Story from the SMART Ctr

The SMART Center is one of Steppingstone's greatest assets; it's a program that prepares students for the professional scientific world and gives them a greater understanding of not only EPR science, but also the process of the scientific method and the scientific community. Dr. Morse is an exemplary instructor, who guides students while letting them grow as scientists and as individuals. I believe the SMART Center is an invaluable resource for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in science, particularly for anyone pursuing a career in medicine. The SMART Center will teach you how to operate scientific equipment, how to do your own research and draw your own conclusions, and how to interact with your fellow scientists. In addition, it is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially in the summer, where you will have an opportunity to present any findings at the Rocky Mountain Chemical Conference in Denver, Colorado. The SMART Center is what a modern day science program should be, and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you decide to join it.

Pranav Gopalakrishnan

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Stories from Steppingstone

Comfortable in His Own Skin

Since moving our elementary-age son to Steppingstone about a year and a half ago, he has blossomed in ways that we as parents couldn't have imagined when we made that decision to move him. We moved him for purely academic reasons, and he has greatly benefitted by the ability to learn at his own academically appropriate level. What surprised us, however, is the extent to which he has benefitted emotionally as well.

I am a strong advocate for public school education, having gone through…

My Son is Changed for the Better

We knew from the moment that our son started public kindergarten, things would not go smoothly. We expected a call from the Principal. Truthfully, we expected a call within the first days of school and we weren't disappointed. Nor were we disappointed in the weeks that followed when I would sit at my desk, riddled with anxiety until school dismissed him at 3:30.

This pattern continued for weeks with an ever-increasing level of school contact culminating in a call from the teacher who said,…

Fulfilling His Dream and Promise

My son is graduating from Steppingstone this year. He will be going to a High School that wants him, not just to a high school that he wants. He has been at Steppingstone School since 2nd grade, and in these years I have had my moments of doubt on whether I am doing the right thing for him. But just like we trust our loved one's life with a physician or surgeon, I trusted his education to Steppingstone. I came to realize that Kiyo and the team know what they are doing, and I need to trust them…

Empowering Environment

When I came to Steppingstone in the sixth grade I had numerous behavioral problems to work through. Also, I had not been challenged in academics for quite some time. Through Kiyo's and Keiko's (my pre high school teacher) encouragement, I overcame the challenge. Accelerated work has boosted my confidence, and is the key attribute for my success today.

I graduated from Steppingstone with an unbreakable will that POWERED me through the tough academic and social environment of high school…