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Getting Your Gifted Child Tested

Steppingstone School - Gifted and Talented Education

You may have your child tested by one of the following psychologists or by any other qualified psychologist of your choice. We ask that the age-appropriate Wechsler Intelligence Test be administered, although we will also accept the Stanford-Binet or any other appropriate IQ evaluation.

When the Wechsler is administered, we would like the following information:

  1.   The full scale, performance and verbal IQ scores
  2.   Scaled scores for the sub-tests of both the performance and verbal sections
  3.   The written evaluation of the student’s interactions with the examiner

All the professionals listed below are well qualified to complete the evaluation of the gifted children, but we are not familiar with associates of these individuals who are not listed. Before engaging another professional to complete an evaluation, make sure that the individual is licensed and qualified to complete the testing without supervision and has had significant experience testing gifted students in particular.

Fees vary, but they usually range from $500.00 to $800.00, depending on the student’s age, the length of time s/he needs to “comfortably” complete the tests, and the detail of the written report and/or conference.

Also refer to http://giftedinmichigan.wordpress.com/links-and-references/local-iq-testing/

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Ms. LaPat has long-term experience testing gifted students for all private schools for gifted children in the Detroit metro area and has been providing consultation, seminars and testing for Steppingstone since 1994.

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Dr. Plotnick been available for testing and consultation for Steppingstone since 1994. In addition, he specializes in the evaluation of ADHD and learning disabilities.

“KAT” LEWITZKE PsyD LP (248) 455-6619, 6060 Dixie Highway, Suite H, CLARKSTON, MI 48346 Is the Clinic Director of Bright Pine Behavioral Healt

The Importance of a Gifted Education

Gifted and talented education programs are designed specifically to cater to the unique needs of gifted children. These programs provide an enriched learning environment that challenges these students and fosters their intellectual and creative abilities. Gifted education involves a differentiated curriculum, advanced learning materials, and teaching strategies that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning.