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SPARC (Steppingstone Parent Advocacy Resource Coalition)

How to know when your child is really gifted and a cut above the rest

-Open Forum – 7:00 P.M on Thursdays

Participate in group discussions of articles by Dr. Sylvia Rimm, an internationally known expert on the education of gifted children. Discussions moderated by Michelle Tan (Steppingstone Parent) with other educators, experts and parents of gifted children.

Come share your thoughts, questions and answers with other parents and educators of gifted children.

Forums will be held in-person at the PARC, depending on the health and safety status of COVID-19. If you are interested in participating, RSVP w/your cell phone # and email address. You will receive a confirmation of where and how these forums will take place. If held virtually, you will receive a Zoom invitation in advance.

Forums will be held at 7 pm on THURSDAYS at Steppingstone School at PARC, 650 Church St., Ste. 119, Plymouth, MI 48170.

Dr. Hasti Raveau 

-Thursday, December 8th

“Executive Functioning of Gifted Kids”

Dr. “Kat” Lewitzke

-Thursday, January, 26th

About IQ and Intelligence Testing

Dr. “Kat” Lewitzke

-Thursday, May 4th 

When Praise Can Cause Problems

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Andy Mahoney, MS,LCPC and Counselor

Mark Talaga, MA, LPC counselor and Director of Center for Identity Potential