Steppingstone School
30250 Grand River
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
phone: 248-957-8200

Fulfilling His Dream and Promise

My son is graduating from Steppingstone this year. He will be going to a High School that wants him, not just to a high school that he wants. He has been at Steppingstone School since 2nd grade, and in these years I have had my moments of doubt on whether I am doing the right thing for him. But just like we trust our loved one's life with a physician or surgeon, I trusted his education to Steppingstone. I came to realize that Kiyo and the team know what they are doing, and I need to trust them to do the right thing when it comes to education. I am happy that my trust was not misplaced and that my son is on his way to fulfill his dream and promise. Steppingstone School has built a strong foundation on which his new learning will continue to build.

Most importantly, Steppingstone made a promise to us six years ago: they would unlock and release the gifts within him. During students' educational process, they should be offered a wide variety of ways to learn and master concepts so that they can choose and use the best approach for solving different problems. At a very early stage of schooling, students should understand that learning how to learn is largely the student's responsibility, with regard to the help they seek, but which is not imposed on them. The objective of education is learning, not teaching, and real teaching consists of imparting one's wisdom, among other things to voluntary listeners. I am happy and grateful for Steppingstone, and the wonderful educators that my son has encountered in his 6+ years of schooling there, who have helped him to shape his learning and put him, not on his way to making a living but on his way to designing his life and fulfilling his true potential.